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WELCOME TO AGGIESTRONG - Your Ultimate Life Coach

Getting you through any life situation


How would your life change if you could tap into your full potential...?

What if you could have anything you've ever wanted in your life...?

Today, you could be one step closer to achieving your dreams!

Whether you want life coaching to help you achieve a specific outcome in your personal life, career, relationship; or you wish to enhance all areas of your life for greater fulfillment; AggieStrong can help get you through any life situation faster than you ever thought possible!

Vision - Coaches and develops others; Fosters and promotes confidence and courage

Mission - Creates value and transforms lives  

Ambition - Achieves Results; Bridge the gap; Conquers fear

Passion - Adapts; Acts with integrity; Communicates candidly


Book a FREE CONSULTATION today and start your journey towards achieving your dreams and living the life that you have always imagined!

Connect with me and feel great again!




About The Founder

  • Andrene is a Certified Life Skills Coach and Facilitator.

    With an unparalleled ability to grasp subtleties others often miss, she can help me uncover hidden agendas to facilitate my insight. She's an avid reader who regularly participates in a variety of continuing education program. She's very candid about her life experiences and can easily identify with others.

    She is dedicated to providing clients a consistently high standard of care, affordable programs and quality coaching.

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Products and Services

  • 1:1 COACHING
    via the Internet, telephone or in-person:
    •1 month
    •3 month
    •6 month
    •Single - 1hr
    •Free consultation

    See EVENTS for a full line up of informal and informative sessions

    I can be a speaker at your event.

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  • Prices these great don't come by often!

    Services are affordably priced and competitive among industry pricing.

    To make my coaching available to all those who want it, I offer easy payment arrangements to alleviate any financial strain.

    See Featured Packages below for more information.

    Methods of payment:
    •Email Money Transfer

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How Can A Life Coach Help Me?

  • A Life Coach is a trusted individual who can help you get through the tough times in your life and career.

    Andrene can help me:
    •Assess Strengths/Skills/Needs
    •Set STRONG Goals®
    •Resolve Conflicts
    •Strategize a Plan of Action
    •Guidance, Support & Accountability

    Top 5 BENEFITS of hiring a life coach:
    ·Greater Clarity ·Boost in Self Confidence & Self Esteem ·Better Relationships ·Enhanced Skills ·Greater Work-Life Balance

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Package1 | Dream Call


  • 1-mo commitment

    •4 (60) minutes in-depth sessions
    •3 (45) minutes strategizing sessions
    •Unlimited laser coaching

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Package2 | Explore and Grow


  • 3-mo commitment

    •3 (60) minutes strategizing sessions
    •Plus 180 coaching minutes
    •Follow up emails

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Package3 | Diamond VIP


  • 6-mo commitment

    •6 (60) minutes strategizing sessions
    •Free access to my workshop or a webinar
    •Follow up emails

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Package4 | Gold Rush


  • 3.5-hour intensive package

    •1 (210) minutes in-person sessions
    •1 month laser coaching
    •Follow up emails

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