Company Overview

Our Mission


AGGIESTRONG’s mission is to entice, educate and encourage awareness, leading to a brighter future and success in life and career; by helping to empower individuals to reach their highest level of fulfillment in developing skills and knowledge for greater clarity and work-life balance.


Its driving force is to “Get you through any of life’s situations.”

  • Help clients uncover their true potential to live the life they have always imagined.
  • Promote the well-being of the individuals in the Global community through quality one-on-one coaching and workshops utilizing a service system that emphasizes:       Trust • Respect • Confidentiality • Compassion.
  • Commit to a collaborative effort with its clients;
  • Provide accessible, high-quality coaching, seminars and workshops


Our Vision


AGGIESTRONG is committed to the highest standard of professionalism and ethics. It sees a world with people who are:

  • Stronger
  • Bolder
  • More Conscious and
  • Authentic

People with a shared bond of civility and compassion. It sees a world where we respect, support, accept and appreciate every individual to bring out the best in each other in a way that is economically, socially and individually prosperous.


Our Values


The business’ values dictate that we treat each others and our clients with respect and dignity. It further reminds us to treat others as we would like to be treated.

It aims to:

  1. Deliver professional services with the highest standard of care and ethics.
  2. Help clients pursue growth and development
  3. Encourage authenticity: Build open and honest relationships based on trust.
  4. Provide personalized support initiatives: Do more with what you have, believe in yourself
  5. Evoke consideration for self and others even in the face of opposition
  6. Promote diversity by including, appreciating and accepting differences
  7. Look for beauty in everything and everyone
  8. Help those who need help: Passivity is consent
  9. Motivate its clients to perform at a high level while fostering a climate of trust and commitment


Our Slogan


Getting you through any life situation.


Our Motto

  • Be Blessed — Live a purposeful life •Achieve your dreams
  • Be Bold — Take risks •Do what the ordinary fear •Ask for what you want
  • Be Strong — Stick to your vision •Use your experience to get stronger •Embrace and ignite change
  • Be YOU! — Live the life you imagined •Represent yourself •Go confidently in your convictions