About Founder/CEO

Andrene Gregory, Life Coach


Hi! My name is Andrene Gregory. I am a certified life skills coach, as well as the founder and CEO of Aggie Strong Ultimate Life Coaching Services (AGGIESTRONG).


AGGIESTRONG is a registered professional life coaching business with a broad scope of knowledge; but primarily focuses on:

  • Personal Growth – Life skills
  • Professional Development – Leadership
  • Work-Life Balance – Lifestyle.

In case you are wondering, Aggie is a diminutive of my initials AGG and STRONG is the one word that best describe me based on my personality and all the crap I bounced back from


At AGGIESTRONG, I assist adults who are stuck at the crossroads in their lives, career and/or relationships. I work with them from a holistic and strength-based approach to develop a SYSTEM that will help them improve their lives/career, renew their strength and regain their confidence; so that they can to move forward in the direction of their dreams. I believe that, although separate, all areas of our lives are interconnected and that one area affects the other.


Through a unique combination of services and products, I am dedicated to providing my clients with a consistently high standard of care, affordable programs and quality coaching.


I am a practical, collaborative, and solution-focused person. Through this approach, I provide clients with fresh perspectives, support, guidance, and helpful feedback. This helps them to develop their own personal life map to move forward quickly and effectively and to overcome any of life’s challenging situations. 


By the end of each session, my clients feel more fulfilled, balanced and confident; as well as equipped to deal with the challenges of this world.


For me to better assist you, I integrate my coaching techniques with:

  • Ancient wisdom
  • Modern-day strategies
  • Personal experiences and a
  • Dual-perspective approach

This dynamic combo, along with helpful assignments, allows me to offer you a highly personalized program tailored to your needs.  I believe that if you were given the vision to conceive it, can muster up enough courage to believe it and the strength to commit to it, you will inevitably achieve it with the help of a life coach like myself!


With sincerest empathy, I’ll work with you to help you create a strength-based approach to your life necessary for the growth and fulfillment you are committed to achieving.