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Ones life should mean something. It should be a journey of relentless prosperity, unselfish acts of kindness, a cycle of learning and growing and making a positive difference in other people’s life. ~ Andrene Gregory



Wondering why should you work with me? Well, here are just a few reasons why:



As a Life Coach, I am 100% committed to providing my clients with an unmatched standard of care and professionalism. As my client, you will gain invaluable insight, clarity, support, encouragement, and motivation, through various channels, to go after your dreams.  I will provide you with superb value and world-class service to keep you highly satisfied. Visit the Service Tab to see how you or someone you know could benefit.


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As a Blogger, I share my personal thoughts and life experiences on various subject matters and the things that matter most to you and me. So, if you are feeling, down, stuck, lonely, compromised, marginalized, fearful, doubtful, or any of life’s other nasty little challenges, simply pop by for articles to empower you and revive your spirit! I post on an average one (1) posts per month as I am intuitively led. I am certain that as you read my posts you will eventually find the strength, courage, and confidence to release any inhibitions and manifest freely your prosperity into existence. Feel free to subscribe to my posts for immediate updates right into your inbox.


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As a Facilitator, I currently run three (3) signature workshops per year—one on Vision Board: The power of Visualization and the Law of Attraction, the second on Achieving Your Dreams through Goal Setting and the third is Success Hack: How to achieve success in life and career. These workshops are powerful and interactive. I also run an annual Men’s Workshop, impromptu Confidence Building seminars and other workshops throughout the year. Check out the Events Tab for full listings and more information. Let me know if there is particular subject you would like me to see.


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Speaker/Mentor/Event Planner: I am available for speaking at your seminars or conferences; or to assist with planning your events. If you would like me to consider speaking at your event or assisting you in running one, send me a quick message. I also provide mentorship service to non-profit organizations on a volunteer basis, if need be.


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Shop:  Aggiestrong’s products are coming soon! Currently there are mugs available. Other products are in development stage, including a couple of books. Stay tuned!


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Furthermore, I am open to any other possibilities you may have in mind. Please feel free to jot me an email or send me a message via the Contact Tab.



Performance GUARANTEES


Throughout our relationship, if you are not completely satisfied with any of my services, please let me know, and I will endeavour to rectify the situation. However, if you are satisfied, please tell someone, as my business is 80% referral base!


I would like to be more than just your life coach; I want to be your accountability partner for life!